President’s Project

Unity in Diversity under the GFWC Florida Umbrella
with Love, Respect and Kindness for All

President’s Project Chairman: Elizabeth Fisher
President’s Project Team Co-Chairman – Districts 1-7: Theresa Crockett
President’s Project Team Co-Chairman Districts 8-14: Kathryn Gallagher
President’s Project Team Fundraising Chairman: Madeline Markowitz

Welcome to our GFWC Florida President’s Project 2020-2022!  We will be promoting Unity in Diversity under the GFWC Florida Umbrella, with Love, Respect, and Kindness for all.  

Our clubs are asked to look closely at their own communities and seek out those who need our help and support. Our emphasis will be on all special needs from Autism, Alzheimer’s, Arts for All, Special Olympics, Cancer Patients, Rescue Animals, Scholarships, Diabetes, Heart Health, Transplant Programs, Disabled Veterans both physically and mentally, help for our First Responders or any special need that calls out to you in your community.  Look for and find your clubs’ passions.  What are you doing now, is there a project your club is currently engaged in that you may wish to continue and perhaps expand upon?  

We are all encouraged to take action, to go out into our community with a GFWC Florida presence, and make a difference for those in need!  If there is more than one project you may wish to work on, we welcome you to do that.  How exciting to have our local communities be the recipients of our Love, Respect and Kindness!  Let’s Go GFWC Florida!  We can’t wait to see who is under your GFWC Florida umbrella, and to share the great projects you will all be doing in your local communities!  

We have a great support system in place to help you identify your communities special needs and to support you along the way.  We  encourage each Club to appoint a President’s Project Chairman, and they in turn may reach out to their District Chairman for support and guidance as needed. They in turn will have the support of our state Co-Chairs and Chairman.

District President’s Project Chairmen:

District 1 – Pat Korver
District 2 – Jane Powell
District 3 – Susan Taylor
District 4 – Terry Laws
District 5 – Sue Allen
District 6 – Margaret Brugman
District 7 – Susan Bornmann

District 8 – Haadhaq Lawrence
District 9 – Fran Hanrahan
District 10 – Linda Ferris
District 11 – Elizabeth Fisher
District 12 – Kathryn Gallagher
District 13 – Carol Johnson
District 14 – Barbara Strode