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Watch two short videos from clubwomen Lauren Hayman and Elizabeth Fisher about joining GFWC Florida, and a video about GFWC Florida.

Becoming a GFWC member means joining a local GFWC club.  In Florida, nearly 8,000 members are actively engaged in volunteer community service in 189 clubs across the state.

GFWC Florida clubwomen live in cities, suburbs, and rural communities around the state. They are professional women, students, stay-at-home moms and retirees, united by a shared commitment to volunteer community service.

Members of GFWC clubs are encouraged to focus their efforts on Community Service Programs and Special Programs in Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention and Advocates for Children that meet local needs, and take advantage of our national network of organizations and programs that have provided a framework for over 100 years of accomplishment.

Our member clubs belong to one of GFWC Florida’s different club membership categories.

Woman’s Clubs, sometimes referred to as general clubs, are clubs that are not otherwise designated as Juniorette or Junior clubs. This group constitutes the largest portion of active membership with over 7,500 members.

GFWC Florida clubwomen serve their communities in the five GFWC Community Service Program areas and GFWC focus areas.  GFWC Florida woman’s clubs are governed by an Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Junior Woman’s Clubs have members called Juniors who hold active membership status and vary in age from 18 years old and above.  GFWC Florida has nearly 600 junior members in 30 junior woman’s clubs. GFWC Florida Junior Woman’s Clubs are governed by a Director of Junior Clubs, Junior Executive Committee and Junior Planning Committee.

GFWC Florida Junior Clubwomen serve their communities while actively engaged in creating families, raising children, pursuing careers and higher education. Juniors clubs typically meet in the evening. In areas where there is not a Juniors club, women ages 18 and up are welcomed into the local woman’s club.

GFWC Florida Junior clubwomen focus their volunteer activities in the five GFWC Community Service Program areas and GFWC focus areas.  In addition they focus on community service for the sake of children through their GFWC Florida Juniors “One Voice for Children” service programs, to provide an emphasis on community service for the sake of children.

Juniorette Clubs have members called called Juniorettes and are composed of young women in junior or senior high school, age 12 to 18 years. Juniorettes learn how to organize and operate their service clubs with rewarding results.  Many use their Juniorette service hours for scholarships, Florida Bright Futures and National Honor Society credits. Juniorette clubs are sponsored by a Woman’s Club, Junior Woman’s Club, their districts or GFWC Florida.  GFWC Florida has over 300 Juniorettes members.

Like the women’s clubs and junior women’s clubs, GFWC Florida Juniorettes serve their communities in the five GFWC Community Service Program areas and GFWC focus areas. The Juniorettes elect their own State Director and officers who serve one-year terms. For more information, contact Kay Taylor, Juniorette Advisory Committee Chairman.

Benefits of Membership

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If you do not find a club in your community or if you want to start a GFWC club in your hometown, contact 2nd Vice President Laura Connelly.