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GFWC Florida Receives Donation for Scholarship Fund

President Dianne Foerster gratefully accepted a significant donation to GFWC Florida from Sorosis of Orlando. The donation has been designated for the GFWC Florida scholarship fund for women returning to work, which was started by GFWC Florida Pat Zazzarino (2012-2014). On hand to help President Foerster accept the donation were Treasurer Cathy Geary and Scholarship Chairman Sallie Milner.  This generous donation was presented by the Sorosis First Vice President Susan Piner, Treasurer Gwen Wallace and Assistant Treasurer Patricia Foster.  We are so very grateful!


GFWC Florida Honors Federation Day with Day of Giving

On April 24, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs celebrated 132 years of federated service.  The clubwomen in GFWC Florida supported the great works of our state federation with donations to our first GFWC Florida Day of Giving.  All funds donated will support our headquarters through our 1895 Society, which in return supports our members and our clubs.  We are proud to be a part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs!

GFWC Florida Celebrates Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, GFWC Florida presented Women with Wisdom, a month-long series that highlighted the lives and accomplishments of 30 GFWC Florida clubwomen. We invite you to visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to see the stories of these amazing women. Each of these ladies was nominated by her club as a woman with wisdom, and each has woven her story into the tapestry of GFWC Florida.  

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