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All Aboard the GFWC Florida Blue Umbrella Train
Washington, DC Rail Trip

Hosted by GFWC Florida President Dianne Foerster
March 30-April 4, 2022

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GFWC Florida Celebrates GFWC Advocates for Children Week

GFWC Florida will celebrate GFWC Advocates for Children Week, October 24-30, with a challenge to its clubs!  Clubs are invited to participate in the Kicks for Kids challenge, which will provide shoes for children who are in need of a good quality pair of shoes that fit.  Having the right shoes gives children confidence, a boost in self esteem, and the opportunity to focus in school on the lesson instead of thinking about their hurting feet.  Club women across the state will be changing a child’s life with a pair of shoes!  


GFWC Florida Honors President’s Project

Clubs Show Love, Respect and Kindness for All

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In the past twelve months, GFWC Florida clubwomen have participated in 1,021 Love, Respect and Kindness projects, volunteered over 60,000 hours and donated over $1.1 million in cash and in-kind donations.  

Starting in May 2020, clubs across Florida have embraced President Dianne Forester’s President’s Project, showering their communities with Love, Respect and Kindness! Each blue umbrella on our Project Map tells a story of service projects completed in communities across our state. Special needs classrooms have received supplies, funding, and encouraging gifts for teachers and staff. Health care workers and first responders have received notes of encouragement and energizing meals.  Front line wildlife rescue teams have received supplies to continue to help our winged and furry friends. Donations have flooded the state to support the veterans.  On December 3, 2020 and April 7, 2021, clubs participated in statewide Days of Service in honor of International Persons with Disabilities Day and World Health Day.  

GFWC Florida clubwomen love to Live the Volunteer Spirit together. 
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