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Call for Fall Board

GFWC Florida President
Linda O’Toole

GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs
Christa Nuckols



GFWC Florida Executive Committee 2022-2024

2022-2024 Executive Committee

On Saturday, May 21, 2022
GFWC Florida held elections for the 2022-2024 Executive Committee
and installed the officers on Sunday, May 22, at the Convention Dinner:

Left to right-
Linda O’Toole, President
Sara Dessureau, President Elect
Dara Bergdoll, 1st Vice President
Laura Connelly, 2nd Vice President
Shannon Bailey, Recording Secretary
Candi Aubin, Treasurer
Christa Nuckols, Director of Junior Clubs
Julia George, Corresponding Secretary
Beverly Payne, Finance Officer

Candy Jackson was elected as Member-at-Large on May 23 (not pictured)
Teddy Hulse was appointed as Parliamentarian (not pictured)



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