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Young and old enjoy Federation Friendship! From teens through more "mature" women, we have found working together in our communities to be fulfilling and rewarding and our communities benefit. Look at the variety of programs we have, see the areas we're involved in, come and join us and especially enjoy the friendship.

Happy Birthday to GFWC Florida! We joined GFWC on January 25, 1898. GFWC Florida Facts: We were organized on February 21, 1895. On January 25, 1898, the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs was admitted into membership in the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Immediately, the FFWC began to widen its scope to include activities, projects on a state and national level. By 1903, the state and national organizations were joined into closer cooperation by the introduction of GFWC programs.


GFWC -- 125th Anniversary

Make plans now to attend GFWC125th International Convention in Memphis, TN on June 10-15, 2015, as we celebrate this huge event in our history! You can also visit GFWC Market Place and purchase the GFWC 125th Anniversary Pin ($12.50 each).

Click HERE for ideas on how your club and celebrate this 125th Anniversary of GFWC

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We will be celebrating GFWC Florida's 120th Birthday at the
Spring Convention - May 15-17, 2015
Our Special Guest will be:
GFWC President Babs Condon

We all like to feel appreciated, and it can be especially gratifying to see how much our Club or District appreciates us when we see our name and information in print in an ad.

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Please see form for details and here to order.

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