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August 15, 2020

All recent reports have resolved by explaining the current process for resetting and changing passwords using tools on the website. Please continue using this form to report trouble on the website and receiving personal help.  Ed Johnson

Summary 8/8/20

Some inconsistencies in the site configuration have been resolved today. Further changes may continue to fine-tune the operations to help maintain consistency.

The only concern that remains is not a problem but an efficiency in the browser. If you do not see the ‘expected’ view of the website that should follow your action, you should refresh the page to ensure the current information is presented.

It is important that any time that this does not work and you are sure that what you did was correct be reported on the above form ASAP.

Thank you again 8/9/20

Several people have responded that the problem is still there.  Verified. Please leave contact info IF you want me to contact YOU. I have solved my instance by resetting my password. Reentering password on login. I had been using a saved password. Have you? My saved password that was not changed did not work today! Send me updates please!

–Ed Johnson, website technical support