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Tips for members from Problem Investigations

PayPal Payments for Fall Board

When you have a payment for the Fall Board and you use the Button. DO NOT enter $450.15 just 450.15 – DO NOT use the $ with the amount. This has not been a problem with Marketplace because the amount is taken from the Cart.

Refresh Page

If a page on the website does not show you current data because you just logged in or because you know the page has been updated and you see the old page, you need to refresh. To refresh a page look for this symbol
on Iphone:

  1. In Safari pull the screen down to see the address The refresh is on the right.
  2. In Chrome refreshing the browser takes 2 hands. Put a finger on the screen and pull down but don’t raise the finger  In the new center screen you will see the refresh. With the other hand tap the refresh.

Resetting Password

To reset your password when you cannot login to Edit Profile:

Open Member Login page and Click Forgot Password? OR Reset password.
Enter your registered Email Address and Click RESET PASSWORD
Look for the new password message. and copy or print the provided password in the text. Print is too hard to retype and copy needs more details

After you have reset you password you will get an email with a weird password. This is the password you must use the next time you login to GFWC to get access. You will change the password to the value you can remember from the edit profile section of the site after you log into the site.
The easiest place to do this is on a PC therefore the steps to copy-paste are on a PC. If you are on a different device there are different steps to copy-paste. Use these steps if you need help. The keyboard command for Copy is Ctrl+C, and the keyboard command for Paste is Ctrl+V.
Properly selecting the content you wish to reproduce is the first step when copying and pasting. Go to your email The reset notice and copy the weird password. Find the password, left-click and drag your mouse cursor over the weird values. Once the content you wish to copy is highlighted, hold down the Ctrl key and press the C key to copy it.


Use Member Login to ACCESS the site.

Now navigate to the GFWC website login page. Enter your username. Move to the password box and make sure it is blank. Hold down the CTRL key once again. This time though, press the V key.This will paste the exact values from email. Type in the new password and remember to update the saved value if you use the feature. Click login and you should see the Member Center.


Use the next tip to create a permanent new password.

To change your Password any time

To change your Password when you are logged in, go to member login page again. You should see this set of links:

Edit Profile
Logout Reset password
Report  A Problem with the membership only process and see a Summary of what steps to take when you have a Problem

at the bottom. Click on Edit Profile and you should be able to type in a new password.    Twice.   and Update.



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