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A Suggestion that any items with upcoming due dates (reports, grants, LEADS application, etc) be placed on the homepage of the Member Center in a special section called “Due Soon” or something like that.
Information to be provided by the Chair or Person in Charge.
Your Suggestion is Accepted!

When you are the Person in Charge of a project that has something that you are asking to be done and this this something has date by which it is to be done you may ask it to be listed here with instruction needed to complete it.

You request the listing by emailing the information for the entry to webmaster.

You have arrived at this page from the link on the Due Date section of Member Center for Adding A Due Date. This is an example of the use of this section,  Any ACTION that has a Due Date can be listed here in this section. The link provided in this column access the page where you explain the ACTION and provide the necessary form to submit.  This page should already exist to explain and provide information and background for the ACTION.

If this Suggestion does not receive takers, we will remove it. If you do not have a due date but want to acknowledge that this feature is good and should remain on the Member’s Center you may email that acknowledgement to webmaster also.