Logos and Images

In 2004, the membership of GFWC Florida voted to adopt a new state federation logo. It was not used for several years due to trademark concerns, but we are happy now to reintroduce our GFWC Florida logo! It has been updated to include the current GFWC emblem and trademark symbol, and has been approved and meets all GFWC guidelines.

Our GFWC Florida logo is one that we can use for identity for our state. We encourage you to use the GFWC shield logo and the GFWC Florida logo. Our branding is one of great importance for identity-GFWC Florida has so much to be proud of and I know that by using this GFWC Florida logo will help us identify our State and our GFWC Florida Clubs.

Please only use this version of the GFWC Florida logo which utilizes the yellow outline GFWC emblem and includes the trademark — any earlier versions do not meet current GFWC guidelines. Only GFWC Florida headquarters will be authorized to create items for sale with this updated logo. In keeping with the current GFWC emblem guidelines, this logo must be used exactly as presented and cannot be reshaped or stretched.

Below you will find logos and images that can be used for your club correspondence. For images, hover mouse over image> right click>save image as which will allow you to save the image to your computer.



This Zoom virtual background is now available for club use. It can also be used if clubs want to create or order their own backdrop/ step and repeat.