Our weekly newsletter, GFWC Florida Clubwoman, is published each Monday.  Subscribers hear from President Dianne Foerster, Director of Junior Clubs Candice Postel and President’s Project Chairman Elizabeth Fisher each week.  Club projects and activities from around the state are also featured.

Formerly known as Membership Monday, our newsletter has expanded to include other topics. 

Week 1 – Membership 
Week 2 – Leadership 
Week 3 – Programs 
Week 4 – Communications & Public Relations 
Week 5 (when there is one) – special edition

Clubs are invited to submit high-quality photos and short articles each week.  Submit articles to GFWC Florida Clubwoman Editors Sharon Johnson and Betty Medina by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday prior to publication on Monday morning.  Articles will be aligned with the weekly theme.  We want to showcase what you are doing in the areas of leadership, membership, programs and communications/PR! 

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