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In the short life of this website there have been changed that no one has made! I stopped trying to find who and why because there seems to be too many possibilities. We need this change log to track development and provide a track-back for any possible problems. I has taken me 3 days to investigate and 1 day to try to correct somethings that should not have caused a problem. At least one ‘something’, that I never found, did effect the entire site.When I added a correction, that was not needed, it disabled the entire site for about 1 hour while the ISP reset ‘somethings’ to get the site to work again. Please consider this ONE of the necessary steps. Ed Johnson 8/8/20.

Enter date, item, and person, we have contact info but add this too if needed.

8/7/20 I have changed several items before this. The last was a redirect plugin that was not needed but was recommend but membership plugin. Ed

8/8/20 Change log added by Ed Johnson  

8/9/20 tested again. Saved passwords did not work. Not consistently. reset PW in membership profile. All fine. Ed

8/10 changed registration form level Ed

8/10 Removed paypal button from member center Ed

8-10 – Reset password for Holly Oder – ed

8/11 member tips added to resource page. updates from member calls ed

8/12 – updated How to Help page with request to mail Booster form when paying online – LC

8/14 – removed Leadership camp signup form on Member Center and replaced content – LC

8/14 – reset password for Fran Hanrahan Was this you Laura.  She may not know what to do next? She has not returned my last email or called.. After a while I will call her. You are welcome to call her if you would like. Just walk her thru so she understands the process. Ed

Yes that was me – she’s all set.  thanks! Laura

8-16 Next Gen gallery not displaying properly on home page. -LC

8/17 added wp sitemap plugin and the sitemap on the bottom of this log file -Ed

8/21 added comments to registration page for instructions and to avoid problems – Ed

8/24 9:00p Change simple membership password reset to point to the wp reset function which sends a link to change your password instead of changing the password and sending it to the user. also added a function from wordpress, to present a blank password in the reset form thus removing the strong password requirement of simple membership. This was the password that required copy/paste to correctly login after the current simple reset. – Ed

I will be checking with problem resolution to verify this assumption. -Ed

9/3 Changed the permlink for our contact form to  /to-contact-us-please This should slow down the 200+ entries by robo bots leaving adds. I think they must be studying  some course on hacking. Now we should check daily for legit contact attempts.  Ed



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