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Sara Dessureau serves as GFWC Florida President-elect.  She previously served as 1st Vice President (2020-2022), 2nd Vice President (2018-2020), Treasurer (2016-2018) and Finance Officer (2014-2016) for GFWC Florida. She has been on the GFWC Florida Board of Directors for 20 years.

Sara has been a member of GFWC for 30 years, serving as club President of GFWC Cocoa Beach Women’s Club, GFWC Vero Beach Women’s Club and GFWC Sebastian Women’s Club, where she served three terms as club President.  She also served as GFWC Florida District 10 Director.  Sara holds dual membership in GFWC Treasure Coast Women’s Club and GFWC Fort Pierce Women’s Club.

Her dedication to “Living the Volunteer Spirit” doesn’t end with GFWC.  She has served as a volunteer in her community in positions within the city government and has served as a community and equity theater volunteer.