Anita Jenkins is serving as GFWC Florida Finance Officer.  Previously she served on the GFWC Florida Executive Committee as Member at Large 2018-2020 where she was the liaison between members across the state and the Executive Committee. Anita is a member of GFWC Coco Plum Woman’s Club where she served as club President 2016-2020.  She was also GFWC Florida President’s Project Chairman for District 11 in 2016-2018 and the President’s Project Fundraising Co-Chair 2018-2020.  Anita attended GFWC Florida’s Leadership and Development Seminar (LEADS) where she was chosen to represent GFWC Florida at the GFWC International Convention in 2016.

Anita lives in Miami.  She is a widow with two grown children and two grandsons.