About Us - Women

Woman's Clubs, sometimes referred to as General Clubs, are clubs available to women of all ages. (Membership in Junior and Juniorette clubs is provided for specific age ranges.) Woman's Club members constitute the largest portion of GFWC Florida's membership, with over 9,000 members in over 230 clubs.

Our purpose is to promote and provide civic, educational and charitable activities…we are dedicated to community improvement through volunteer service.

To accomplish our goals, GFWC Florida women participate in six (6) community service programs (CSP's), as subscribed by the General Federation of Women's Clubs for all 100,000 worldwide members, as well as programs and projects designed by local clubs.

Our clubwomen have been advocates for over 100 years, and continue GFWC's rich history of advocacy. We truly have a voice and an impact in our nation's policy, as we work through a grassroots network of advocates to support legislation that is crucial to the mission of the Federation. As a result of our advocacy, our voices are heard on Capitol Hill as well as in Tallahassee.

Our members are your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances. We are professional women, homemakers, elected officials, business owners, students, retirees, wives, mothers, and single women.

For information on projects and resources
E-mail GFWC Florida President Mary Powell