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Alphabet Soup?

DD, ESO, JDD What does it all mean? Acronyms for Federation commonly used by Federation. Updated as needed, check often.

GFWC and GFWC FL Logo &
GFWC CSP logos
and any others in current use

federation logo

Download the GFWC (which is also the GFWC FL)
logo and all logos associated with Federation
- click HERE

Click the b/w logo line drawing to get a zip file,
the colored logo will be in the file with the b/w logo.

Includes CSPs, convention, etc

2016- 2018 President's  Logo and Project

20162018 Pres Proj logo

Download 2016- 2018 President's Project Logo
by clicking HERE
and resizing as needed.

2016-2018 Membership Logo

20162018 membership logo

Download the
2016-2018 Membership
and resize as needed.

Junior Director Project Logo

jr dir proj logo
Download the Guardian Angels logo,
click HERE Resize as needed.

QR Code


Get the QR code for GFWC Florida
and use it on your printed materials.
It can be scanned by phones and
send them to our website.
Dowload the graphic to place
on your document.

GFWC Manual - descriptions

Special Service Programs and Community Service Programs, Advancement Guides,
and the Awards, Contests and Grants are separate sections of the manual. To open
them, click on the plus sign at theright hand side of the line, then click on each item
you want to read. You will ALWAYS get the latest versions this way in case they
change (very likely)

Click HERE to be directed to the GFWC Manual. Do not send
to GFWC, our state chairmen submit to GFWC.

Club and President Update Form

2017 Club & President Information, preferred method
and email results   word  pdf

Certification of Solicitation

Treasurers Click here for Certification of Solicitation forms from
Dept of Ag. Once filed, reminders will be sent to you.

Remittance Form and Explanation

2017 excel  (revised 10/17)   explanation of contributions

Reimbursement Form 2016

2016  Word   PDF  updated May 26 2016

VISA Charge Acknowledgment Form

This form ONLY for Executive Officers
2016 Word  Pdf

Change your corporate name

Clubs who have a 501(c)3 filing with the state must file
this form to change their name, ie, add GFWC or other. Click here



These six GFWC contests are provided for information only. You state chairmen will provide your additional state details on the GFWC FL contests (which incorporates GFWC rules) and they are the ones who submit to GFWC.  Contest winners are submitted by the state chairmen.

Newsletter/Yearbook GFWC FL 2017
Writing Contest Rules 2017
 GFWC Creative Arts Waiver
GFWC FL Photography Contest with waiver 2017
Website Contest Florida 2016-2018

Arts, Crafts, Photography Manual 2016

Pg 0  Cover
Pg 1-3 not used

Pg 4-7      Craft, Art, Photography
Pg 8         Awards
Pg 9-13    General, Club, District, State
Pg 14       Size Requirements
           Entry Forms
Pg 15-18  Club-In House excel
Pg 19-22  Club to District  excel
Pg 23-26  not used
Pg 27-30  District to State  excel
           Release Forms
Pg 31       Club  Word
Pg 32       Club to Dist Word
Pg 33       Club to State Word
            Certification Forms
Pg 34       Club to Dist Word
Pg 35       not used
Pg 36       not used
Pg 37       Judging Critera
Pg 38       Judging Sheets Excel   excel
            Blank Entry Cards
Pg 39       Craft  Word PDF
Pg 40       Art  Word PDF
Pg 41       Photo  Word  PDF
Pg 42    How to Contact Your State Chaimen

Scrapbook Competition 2016
General Information
Judging Sheets


Florida 2017  LEADS information PDF Word & Application pdf   Word
Mini-LEADS manual  2016-2018


2017 Memembership Update Form
GFWC Seasonal Recruitment Form 2016-2018
GFWC Gold pin order form 20, 50 years
GFWC Club Anniversary order form

2016 Membership Manual & Orientation rev C
2014 How to Start a New Club rev C
2017 Volunteer of the Year  word
Membership Update Form 2017

GFWC FL 25/50 Year Member  word  pdf
New Member 

Juniorettes - How to start a new club  2014
2014-2016 Juniorette Change of President, Advisor, Sponsor


DD / JDD 2016
President  2012
Secretary  2016
Treasurer 2017
Protocol and Courtesy 2016
Ten Commandments for GFWC Florida Protocol

GFWC-FL Scholarship Information

2018 General Scholarship Info
2018 Women Returning to Work Scholarship Application
2018 Women Returning to Work Reference Form
Scholarship Donation Form


2017 Fall Board Jr Presentations
Membership Handout
GFWC FL common terms
New Member Orientation
SPJWC 2017 brochure
SPJWC Prospective Member Letter

Elevator Speeches 2016
Snoopy Leadership 2016
Leadership Tips 2016
Scary Pariamentarian tips 2016
District Director JDD Orientation  2016
Summer Planning slides 2016
2015 Fall Board Jr Workshops Handouts
International Outreach
PR and Communications
Membership Family Feud

2016 Womens Reporting Workshop

2014 GFWC Florida Orientation

2014 Fall Board
LEADS/Leadership presentation "Who Let the Leaders Out?"

Emotional Health of Women

Time Management Activity

Teddy's Jeopardy from 2015 Spring Convention

Membership Workshop Rosemary Thomas - 2015 Spring Convention

GFWC History Powerpoint Fall 2013  script

Making a PowerPoint Presentation PPT  pdf
Winning Report guidelines  PPT  pdf

Women's Vote History

Media Release  Adult  Youth

2014-2016 Generic Volunteer Hours Submission

Sew Much Comfort -- Making adaptive clothing for the military (Public Issues - Partnership ) Contact Bonnie Wine if you have questions. Include your full name, email and snail mail address2017  when contacting Joy, addresses are especially needed if you need her to send something to you.

WHALE -- We Have A Little Emergency (Juniors)
To order kits, contact Chrissy Fry at Headquarters.
WHALE video - a video press release for the WHALE project

Give Kids The World Wish Pillows  Click title for instructions and watch a video. (Juniors) Our wish pillow program helps to put a smile on the faces of so many children. Our current usage of wish pillows is approximately 24,000 a year, so you can imagine that every bit helps.

Therapy Vests -- Easter Seals needs vests for children's therapies (Home Life )

Heavenly Hats - Help provide hats for those who have lost their hair - (Home Life )

Heart Pillow -- Make a pillow for someone with heart surgery (Home Life ) You will need to print the pattern on two (8.5x11) sheets of paper. Due to the size of the finished heart, you will need to tape the pages together to make a pattern. Match the left side lines of the hearts together to make the complete half heart and tape them. Cut a straight line along the right hand side that aligns with the indent in the top of the heart and the point at the bottom. Cut around the dark line to create the half of a heart pattern. The construction of the heart pillow is printed within the pattern piece.

Capes for Kids: Click here for details to make super hero capes for ill children. Click here for possible stencil of super hero logos, you may find others on the internet or create your own.

Handouts from workshops 2016-2018

2016 Dyslexia - LDA Association of America
2016 Dyslexia Famous People
2016 HOBY information

Putlic Issues
Dear Veteran
Honor Flight History In Brief
This is Honor Flight
Honor Flight Presentation Fall Board 2016
Telemarketing Fraud

Annual Club Budget Preparation