Welcome to the 2016-2018 Junior Administration of GFWC Florida!

Ladies, you are a member of GFWC -- a sisterhood that was founded way back in 1890 and chartered the United States Congress in 1901.

The roots of this organization can be traced back to 1868 when a young professional woman by the name of Jane Cunnigham Croley was denied admittance to an all male press club dinner honoring novelist Charles Dickens....(read more)

Who Are Junior Clubwomen?

Junior clubwomen are dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service while being actively engaged in creating families, raising children, pursuing careers, pursuing higher education, and caring for aging family members.

In November 1922, the GFWC Florida Junior level of community service was adopted as a division of the Woman’s Club membership with Junior members reporting separately on their activities.

Junior clubwomen gained separate status during the 1930-1932 GFWC Florida Administration. For every District Director and CSP Chairman at the Woman’s Club level, there is a Junior level counterpart. In addition to their work in the six GFWC Community Service Program Areas and GFWC Focus Areas, the GFWC Juniors also have Juniors’ Special Project. GFWC Florida Juniors voted to create the slogan, “One Voice for Children” as their States continued emphasis on community service for the sake of children.
GFWC Florida Junior membership is made of women aged 18-40. Women who join by the age of 40 may continue in a Junior Club or move to a Woman’s Club, whichever club better fits her need and community service passion. Women over 18 are always welcome to join a Woman’s Club, if a Junior Club does not exist in her area.

History of Juniors

To read the History of the Juniors, click HERE

Junior Project: One Voice for Children

The goal of "One Voice for Children" is to have a dramatic, positive impact on the lives of Florida's children. Clubs are encouraged to continue projects related to children  and youth (scholarships, literacy projects, involvement with issues affecting children) and collaborate with organizations that make a difference in children's lives.

one voice for children logo

One Voice for Children Chairmen

2016- 2018 Brandy Petteway
2016- 2018  Scarlett McGowan

For information on projects and resources, E-mail:
Director of Junior Clubs Kelly Holmes

GFWC FLorida Juniors, there is a FACEBOOK page just for you....talk with other GFWC Juniors around the nation by joining the GFWC Junior Membership FACEBOOK page.
The link is: https://www.facebook.com/GFWCFLJUNIORS/?fref=ts

Our goal is 1000 members.

Read Welcome letter from GFWC Director of Junior Clubs--our own Jolie Frankfurth

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